Werkstückträger für jede Anforderung
Nutzentrenner made by SCHUNK


Do-it-yourself workpiece holders

The do-it-yourself workpiece holder allows one to independently produce a product-specific workpiece holder using the depaneling machine. Due to its high performance, the spindle of the machine can also be used for drilling, allowing holes to be drilled into plastic plates. Afterwards, the pins must be pressed manually into the holes. The self-manufactured workpiece holders are used for sample production or for small to medium quantities.

Your added value

  • Complete production within one hour
  • Short response times on samples, prototypes, and small batches
  • Very economical workpiece holders
  • An alternative to all conventional variants

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Jens Lehmann, German goalkeeper legend, SCHUNK brand ambassador since 2012 for safe, precise gripping and holding. schunk.com/lehmann
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