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Depaneling machine ILR 2800

Inline depaneling machine ILR-2800-B and palletizer PAL-1400 for flexible, fully automatic cutting with optional palletizing.

The SCHUNK depaneling machine ILR-2800 with the optional palletizing system PAL-1400 guarantees maximum flexibility and minimum set-up times in connection with a gripper changing system. With the specially developed quick feeder and the use of highly dynamic drives with path control for cutting and PCB handling, the greatest possible throughput and maximum flexibility are achieved. The simple and weight-optimized design of the circuit board gripper significantly reduces tool costs.
Special features:

  • Linear motor based fast-acting panel feeder for minimum loading times at the panel infeed
  • Shortest depaneling times due to a highly dynamic linear motor milling gantry with special milling brush hold-down
  • Short handling times for detached components achieved by linear motor based handling system with continuous path control
  • Maximum flexibility and minimal set-up times due to simple and automatically exchangeable multi panel grippers
  • Optional extension by an integrated palletizing system

Inline depaneling machines can be equipped with a palletizing system PAL-1400 on request. The cut-out assembly groups can then be directly placed in trays with dimensions up to 600 x 400 mm for further processing. Trays can be fed using carriages or belts. A wide variety of pallet variants can be safely processed using optional pallet coding.

With the ILR 2200, the panels reach the inside of the machine in less than two seconds via a linear motor-driven fast feed. There a milling module separates the circuit boards with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 millimeters. Thanks to linear motor axes and modern control technology, the modules achieve a travel speed of two meters per second for milling and ten meters per minute for sawing. The machine has a modular structure, the first of its kind in the world. Electronics manufacturers buy inexpensive basic equipment and can upgrade the machine at any time - with milling and gripping modules, a camera system or a second or even third circuit board handling system that minimizes dead times.


Availability of over 98 percent

Users also benefit from fail safety and low energy costs. "The ILR-2200 depanelling machine has a proven technical availability of over 98 percent," says Ehmer. "And the power consumption of a two-shuttle version is only 800 watts – hardly more than the energy consumpion of a microwave."
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Technical data

  • Machine dimensions

    Machine dimensions depanelling system
    Data Value Unit
    Length 3300 mm
    Depth 2650 mm
    Height 2330 mm
    PCB in-feed height 940 mm
    Weight ca. 3700 kg
  • Supply

    Notwendige Maschinen Versorgung
    Data Value Unit
    Input voltage 400 V
    Mains frequency 50 Hz
    Main fuse protection 63 A
    Compressed air (free of oil, filtered
    and dry)
    0,6 (6) mPa (bar)
    Consumption (using 1 milling spindle) ca. 200 l/min
    Ambient temperature + 18 bis + 40 °C
    Relative air humidity 10 bis 80 %

    Connection via FI not possible (consultation).

  • Noise level

    measured strength of a sound
    Data Value Unit
    Measured at a distance of 1.2 m from
    the machine
     < 72  dB (A)
  • Speed

    Axis speeds
    Data Value Unit
    Milling cross axis (X,Y) with linear
    direct drive
    2000  mm/s
    Milling lift axis (Z) with linear direct
    1000  mm/s
    PCB handling (X,Y) with linear direct
    2000  mm/s
    Gripper axis (Z) with linear direct drive 1000  mm/s
  • Levels of accuracy

    Data Value Unit
    Repeat accuracy ± 0,02 mm
    Positioning accuracy ± 0,02  mm
    Milling accuracy with camera ± 0,1 mm
    Milling accuracy without camera ± 0,15  mm
  • Rate of cutting / cycle time

    Depanelling Capacity
    Data Value Unit
    Milling speeds at spindle 0.5 KW 4,8 m/min
    Sawing speeds 10 m/min
    The indicated values refer to optimal conditions
    (depending on PCB material, PCB shape, stability,
    miller diameter, feed and spindle speed).
  • End milling module

    Characteristics of spindle and separating tool
    Data Value Unit
    Milling bit support Ø 3,175 mm
    Milling bit diameter Ø 1-2,5 mm
    Spindle speed of milling bits 0.5 KW    
    Pneumatic clamping of end milling
    bis 60000 1/min
  • Milling cutter module

    Machine dimensions disc milling module
    Data Value Unit
    Milling cutter pickup Ø 16 mm
    Disc diameter Ø 100 mm
    Spindle speed of milling disc bis 10000 U/min
  • Operating range

    Operating range and PCB characteristics
    Data Value Unit
    Panel length in infeed (in line
    120 - 400 mm
    Panel width in infeed 120 - 300 mm
    Max. milling range 400 x 300 mm
    Max. multi-panel size 400 x 300 mm
    Max. separated PCB 200 x 120 mm
    Min. separated PCB 20 x 20 mm
    PCB thickness 1 - 3 mm
    Maximum component height upper
    side (gripper)
    20 mm
    Maximum component height bottom
    side (milling)
    35 mm
    Maximum component height upper
    side (milling)
    10 mm
    Max. erection height on workpiece
    carrier base plate
    60 mm
    Max. distortion of PCB (of length or
    1 %
    PCB material CEM, FR4, IMS (AL), CU  
    Transport edge at front and rear ≥ 3 mm

    Panel frame design
    Optimally, the frame is closed with a width of min. 5 mm, or as
    specified by customer. For panels with non-closed frames, at least
    3 mm around the outside must be free of components to
    accommodate the infeed gripper.

    Locating holes
    Optimally, at least 2 locating holes in individual PCBs with at least
    ∅ 1 mm.

    Gripping slots
    Pre-milled gripping slots must not be less than 1.5 mm in width.


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