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Nutzentrenner zum Trennen von Leiterplatten
Nutzentrenner made by SCHUNK

Depaneling SAR 800

The Depaneling SAR 800 B1

The depaneling machine SAR-800-B1 CL and the other CL variants offer the user the option of replacing conventional manual cutting processes such as rotary knives, parallel knives, side cutters or punching devices with an inexpensive, low-stress, machine-based milling or sawing process. The depaneling device can be used both as a separating cell in a one-piece flow production and as a central depaneling device for small to medium-sized batches. The stand-alone device is particularly characterized by its excellent price-performance ratio: Low investment and at the same time high milling accuracy and travel speeds thanks to SCHUNK's own linear motor axes - Made in Germany. A complete service package is offered for the depaneling system: SCHUNK provides you with a complete milling program and a product-specific plastic workpiece carrier.
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Special features of the SAR-800-B1-CL



Simple operation and maximum ease of use through the use of the latest IPC technology
  • Drawer for loading and unloading is optional
  • Downholder the circuit boards during the cutting process by means of flexible milling brush holders
  • Tool technology package with automatic cutter change, tool breakage control and cutter length processing
  • Flexible creation of workpiece carriers using magnetic pens (MAGNOPLATE)
  • Offline creation of the NC programs by CAD / CAM system
  • ionization
Inline Nutzentrenner

SAR 800

Fast and precise linear motor axes in all directions of movement (X, Y und Z)

Depaneling SAR 800

Technical specifications

  • Machine dimensions

    Dimensions Depaneling
    Width 800 mm
    Depth 1.810 mm
    Height 1.850 mm
    Operator height ca. 985 mm
    Weight 700 kg
  • Power supply

    Necessary machines Power supply
    Input voltage 400 V
    Mains frequency 50 Hz
    Main fuse protection 16 A
    Compressed air 0,6 (6) mPa (bar)
    Consumption (using 1 milling spindle) ca. 200 l/min
    Ambient temperature + 18 bis + 40 °C
    Relative air humidity 10 bis 80 %
  • Noise level

    measured strength of a sound
    Measured at a distance of 1.2 m from the machine  < 72  dB (A)
  • Speed

    Axis speeds
    Moving speed of linear axes 1..000  mm/s
  • Moving speed of linear axes

    Repeat accuracy ± 0,02 mm
    Positioning accuracy ± 0,02  mm
    Milling accuracy with camera ± 0,1 mm
    Milling accuracy without camera ± 0,15 ;mm
  • Rate of cutting / cycle time

    Depanelling Capacity
    Milling speeds at spindle 0.4 kW 1 m/min
    Milling speeds at spindle 1.1 KW 4,8 m/min
    INFO!The indicated values refer to optimal conditions (depending on PCB material, PCB shape, stability, miller diameter, feed and spindle speed).
  • Spindle and separating tool

    Characteristics of spindle and separating tool
    Milling bit support Ø 3,175 mm
    Milling bit diameter Ø 1-2,5 mm
    Spindle speed of milling bits 0.4 mW bis 40.000 1/min
    Spindle speed of milling bits 1.1KW bis 50.000 1/min
    Pneumatic clamping of end milling cutter ; ;
  • Operating range

    Operating range and PCB characteristics
    Max. milling range 350 x 430 mm
    Max. multi-panel size 350 x 430 mm
    PCB thickness 1 - 3 mm
    Max. component height spindle 0.4 kW (top side) 10 mm
    Max. component height spindle 1.1 kW (top side) 15 mm
    Max. distortion of PCB (of length or width) 1 %
    PCB materials CEM, FR4, IMS (AL), CU  
    Product change time/tooling time ≥ 3 mm

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