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Depaneling SAR Compact

Economical depaneling system SAR-Compact

The SAR-Compact depaneling machine is an attractively priced solution for small to medium-sized batches with different to high product variations. The very high price-performance ratio of this machine was not checked by high-speed processes, but by a consensual value-analytical approach, which enables you to invest in your own machine while at the same time replacing all functions and that of the automotive industry.

Despite the low investment, the machine uses the latest drive technology and linear motor technology with high precision in the directions x, y and z. Nor are there any compromises in terms of flexibility. Furthermore, our workpiece carrier solutions such as MAGNOPLATE and "do-it-yourself" can be used to enable the customer to work efficiently and flexibly in high-mix production.
Simple operation due to simple menu navigation, CAD / CAM programming and teach function.

Furthermore, our Werkstückträger-solutions can be used to enable the customer to work economically and flexibly in high-mix production.

Nutzentrenner SAR Compact

Technical data

  • Machine dimensions

    Machine dimensions Depeneling
    Width + monitor 1300+300 mm
    Depth 1.607 mm
    Height 1.642 mm
    Operating height ca. 894 mm
    Weight 800 kg
  • Supply

    Necessary machinery supply
    Input voltage 400 V
    Mains frequency 50 Hz
    Main fuse protection 16 A
    Compressed air (free of oil, filtered and dry) 0,6 (6) mPa (bar)
    Consumption approx. 140 l/min
    Ambient temperature + 18 bis + 40 °C
    Relative humidity 10 bis 80 %
  • Noise level

    measured strength of a sound
    Measured at a distance of 1.2 m from the machine  < 72  dB (A)
    Measured at a distance of 1.2 m from the machine with soundproofing  < 68  dB (A)
  • Speed

    Axis speeds
    Moving speed of linear axes 1..000  mm/s
    Moving speed of linear axes high speed 1..000  mm/s
  • Levels of accuracy

    Repeat accuracy ± 0,02 mm
     Positioning accuracy ± 0,02  mm
    Milling accuracy with camera ± 0,1 mm
    Milling accuracy without camera ± 0,15  mm
  • Rate of cutting / cycle time

    Depanelling Capacity
    Milling speeds at spindle 0.28 KW 1 m/min
    Milling speeds at spindle 0.5 KW 4,8 m/min
    INFO!The indicated values refer to optimal conditions (depending on PCB material, PCB shape, stability, miller diameter, feed and spindle speed).
  • spindle and separating tool

    End milling module
    Milling bit support Ø 3,175 mm
    Milling bit diameter Ø 1-2,5 mm
    Spindle speed of milling bits 0.28 KW bis 40.000 1/min
    Spindle speed of milling bits 0.5 KW bis 60.000 1/min
    Pneumatic clamping of end milling cutter
  • Operating range

    Operating range and PCB characteristics standard shuttle axis
    Max. milling range 430 x 350 mm
    Max. multi-panel size 350 x 430 mm
    Max. Nutzengröße 350 x 430 mm
    PCB thickness 0,5 - 3,2 mm
    Max. component height spindle 0.28 kW (top side) 10 mm
    Max. component height spindle 0.5 kW (top side) 20 mm
    Maximum component height (bottom side) 35 mm
    Max. erection height on workpiece carrier base plate 70 mm
    Max. distortion of PCB (of length or width) 1 %
    PCB materials CEM, FR4, IMS (AL), CU  
  • Shuttle system standard shuttle axis

    Exchange time for double shuttle < 2,5 seconds
    Standard size per workpiece carrier 1300 555 x 380 x 12 mm
    Product change time/tooling time < 4 min
The basic equipment consists of a milling spindle module. The milling head can optionally be upgraded with a vision system or scanner
By equipping it with two shuttle systems, the highest possible output is achieved by avoiding dead times
Nutzentrenner SAR Compact

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